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couches and cathedrals

Reflections and resources to create biblical community with intimacy and integrity wherever you find yourself

The concept of church is one bound up in people and practices.

And it's one available to believers when there are two or more gathered.

It's also so much bigger than the weekly worship. It extends into our lives.

My passion is helping you see what biblical community can be and how to experience it (or create it yourself) whether you find yourself in a cathedral or on a couch.

I’m Kate, and I believe in the global Body of Christ, the Holy Spirit embodied and empowered believer, and that the future of church isn’t big but small.

House churches, small groups, and missional communities are my jam.

So I show up in this corner of the internet to help you create biblical community with intimacy + integrity so you grow in faith, find support, and impact the world.

Kate Boyd

Writer, Speaker, Biblical Community Coach

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